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With experience as a composer for both film and video games, I understand the importance of diegetic sound and its dominant role in creating an immersive experience. Transitioning to sound design and utilizing my knowledge of sound technologies was a natural progression.

As a sound designer, I enjoy the process of designing sound for everything from large environments to small details such as footsteps and gunshots, and the satisfaction that comes with integrating the sound into the middleware and game engine.

I prefer to manage the entire process myself, diving into the game's system to understand the designer's logic and contribute my own creativity and passion. Overall, this has deepened my appreciation for the sound design process and its crucial role in creating an unforgettable experience.

Sound Design



Engine Integration - UE5/Wwise Integration Project

My most proud project throughout the journey is the game I made: Project N.E.X.T(Available on Steam). The entire game, based on UE5 engine, is made by myself. One of the most proud aspect of this game, certainly is all the sound design I've made for this game. In this video, I've demonstrated all the cool and fun aspects I have made inside this awesome game, and I hope you would love it as I always have.


Engine Integration - Unity/Wwise Integration Project

I have always wanted to put my skills in sound design into the real world of the game where I can truly test out the 3D immersive system that is truly based on player's interaction with the environment. With that kinds of idea, I found a 3D game that is Unity based and I fully integrated the sound effect and the music into the game, replacing everything that came before with things that is designed by myself.


RPG - Trailer - Naraka

Naraka is one of the most interesting game when it comes to sound/music design, as it both incorporates the classic Chinese style artwork and all the fight style, while incoporating something that you tend to see in the Western style RPGs. The mindset, therefore when designing this trailer, becomes to try to provide a grand design for the overall picture and their spectacular, visual-blowing fight style, while incorporating lots of the Chinese elements that you can see throughout the game.


Horror/FPS - Game Sequence - Resident Evil 3 RE

This is a demonstration of my sound designs for various combat weapons, implemented into the game's environment. The objective is to create intense and convincing sounds that can stand alone without music, emphasizing the feeling of suppression that Nemesis instills in the player.

This sound design is primarily created with the player's freedom in mind, ensuring that every sound is randomized and localized. It is crucial to create compelling sounds that do not fatigue the player over time. Thus, the sound design must be engaging and not repetitive, to maintain a high level of immersion for the player.


Action Game - Cutscene - Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Designing sound for a cutscene presents a unique challenge compared to free-floating game sequences. The time and frame are locked in place, but it's essential to convey all the energy and intensity of the characters to create a cinematic experience.

This was particularly important for highlighting the formidableness of Lv Bu, the boss in the upcoming combat sequence. We put a lot of effort into designing the sound for his large and lethal weapon, as well as his crimson formidable horse, Chi Tu.

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