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Game Design

Throughout the courses of my journey of doing sound related stuffs, I diverged myself quite alot into the world of game design. This experience truly helped me to become a better designer both in understanding the mindset of a gamer - which is my ultimate customer, and in operating in different systems of game to implement what I do best of - incoporating sounds to all of the games I designed.

Project N.E.X.T

Welcome to "Project N.E.X.T,"

In this world, players engage in intense team battles, with the Red Team and Blue Team clashing in ever-changing settings. From quaint fictional villages to the mysterious city of Bazaar, the vibrant Dragon City, and the typical hustle and bustle of a train station, players strive for ultimate victory in environments that constantly shift in both time and space.

This game offers not just traditional team deathmatch modes but also introduces innovative gameplay modes like capturing and surviving, where strategy and skill are paramount. Adding to the excitement, some modes feature zombies, bringing unexpected challenges to the battles.

Good luck, as victory will only favor the bravest and smartest.

Don't Break The Brick

The game Don't Break The Brick comes from the idea of "breaking" the general norm of a "brick" game should be. Traditional games are based on using platforms to bounce the ball to achieve the final goal. In this place, on the contrary, players are required to be careful with the balls and "not break the brick" but to destroy the monster.


One of the most interesting design that was made during my experience of making games is to make a game that involves a "third-party" controller that is neither keyboard nor mouse. Therefore, given the limited resources that I can gather, and with the desire of implementing a game that is playable across all platforms, I decided to design this "face piano" game where fingers that controls the piano keyboard is replaced with the camera capture that moves the mouse pointer. And the only way for one to play the desired note, is to headbang like a metalhead.

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