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Independent Work

Here, I can fully embrace my unique musical beliefs and tastes. I've crafted numerous demos and completed two full albums, handling all aspects of the production process to ensure that my artistic choices are deliberate and intentional. For me, music is a powerful form of expression that transcends words, and I love to use sonic textures and connections to create a canvas that evokes emotions and images beyond the reach of language.

Symphonic Suite No.1 New.png

Symphony Suite No.1 - The Tale of The Blind

This album is my pre-graduation project, conceived amidst the uncertainty and chaos of the pandemic era.

Its genesis pays tribute to my long-standing fascination with history, yet it's not just a nostalgic look back. Instead, it speaks to our current moment, with all its challenges and complexities.

Countdown to Free Falling.jpg

Countdown to Free Falling

This album is a compilation of my writing from my first semester in Miami, where I had an incredibly productive period.

I explored a wide range of styles during this intense semester, but my ultimate goal was to create a final track that would evoke my love for progressive and epic metal music.

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